Stroke Rate Testing


Here at Swim Revolution, we believe that each swimmer is different and there is no single best way to swim.  Body shape, fitness, flexibility and preferences will all shape your “optimal” swim style.


Your Stroke Rate is the number of strokes you take per minute – counting both arms!  Stroke rate can vary from 35 strokes per minute (SPM) up to more than 100 SPM.


Some swimmers may find they benefit from increasing stroke rate, whereas others may need to work on reducing their stroke rate.


Through our stroke rate testing, we analyse your natural stroke rate then take you through a series of other stroke rates, potentially both higher and lower, recording key data throughout the test. 


The aim of the test is to help you find your own optimal stroke rate – the point where your stroke is most efficient for you, factoring in all your individual characteristics.


The test is delivered on a 1:1 basis and takes around 30 minutes.  The cost of the test is £30. 


Please contact us if you are interested in booking in for a stroke rate test.