1:1 Video Swim Analysis


Have you been swimming for years but struggling to take your swimming to the next level?  Are you new to swimming and not sure where you’re going wrong? Either way, it’s far easier to improve your technique, once you’ve seen what you need to work on.


Our comprehensive 1:1 Video Swim Analysis Sessions will provide the platform for a true revolution in your swimming. 


We will video you from at least 4 different angles, both above and below the water, using a high definition camera.  Our experienced coaches will then provide feedback and analysis on your stroke on the poolside, identifying not only your stroke flaws but also the cause of the flaws and most importantly how you can fix them. 


Our coaches will then get you straight back in the water to perform corrective drills that are tailored specifically to your needs and provide you with guidance about how to structure your training to reap the best improvements.


You will be provided with a copy of your video analysis along with a detailed analysis report, confirming the points that were covered during your session.


A swim analysis session typically takes around 90 mins, including an initial discussion with your coach, filming, analysis, corrective drills and de-brief.  We use traditional swimming pools to deliver the analysis rather than an endless pool to allow more flexibility over the angles we can shoot and to ensure you adopt your natural swimming stroke during the recording.


One off sessions will be beneficial, but typically we recommend a course of 3 sessions over a 6-9 month period, in order to embed good technique and progress your stroke improvements.


Session cost: £100

Follow up sessions: £80


Sessions take place on Monday evenings at Graves Leisure Centre in Sheffield.  


If you would like more information or to book a swim analysis session, please contact us.